Spray Foam Benefits Respiratory System

Respiratory System Benefits of Spray Foam

Some Respiratory benefits of Spray Foam

Spray Foam insulation is much cleaner and better way forward than traditional forms of insulation i.e. fibreglass insulation can irritate the eyes, skin and the respiratory system.

Fibreglass insulation should not be left exposed in occupied areas. Spray foam has no airborne fibers, particles or vapors once dry. It can be used anywhere either older renovated houses or new extensions or for a money saving option in Attic Insulation’s it saves money on heating and ultamitely saves the environment in Ireland.

  • Spray foam can save you money! – Spray foam decreases utility bills as it improves the efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Add’s strength and increases structural stability on older houses –  It adds up to 300%.
  • Spray foam creates a perfect seal – Spray foam reduces heat loss drastically be used anywhere, as it expands to meet the environment.
  • It improves indoor air quality – It creates a perfect seal, prohibiting external pollutants and particles.
  • It increases the U-Values of your home – It makes your home more energy efficient, fire resistant and environmentally friendly.
  • It is not affected by heat or moisture – Once our spray foam hardens, it is not affected by heat or moisture, not allowing fluid to pass through.
  • It is naturally fire resistant.
  • It acts like a sound proofing and keeps noise down – Spray foam naturally absorbs sound vibrations. It can reduce external noise or the noise caused by internal machinery or noisy neighbours.
Spray FoamSoundproofing with Spray Foam

Soundproof Systems

Spray Foam Soundproofing Systems and Airtight Systems Qualities

Spray foam expands to fill all cracks and crevices. This ensures an airtight system is in place.

The Airtight Insulation Solution

Air Tightness Systems

Reduce Air Leakage

Air leakage is a common problem that results in higher heating and cooling costs for some property owners. Spray foam insulation application helps prevent air leakage, as the solution expands up to 100 times its volume to fill cracks and holes that otherwise would contribute to this issue.

Selecting the correct type of insulation for improving air tightness within a structure is an important decision as some insulation methods are more effective than others.

Suitable for attics and new extensions.

The air tightness spray insulation are most suitable for a verity of reasons. Unlike most other forms of insulation, our insulation guarantees an air tight seal in its results.

Can be Sprayed on any surface

Sprayed on any surface, our spray foam insulation expands rapidly from its liquid state and perfectly seals any gap or crevice ensuring the perfect air tight, heat loss barrier and providing a neat finish.


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Open Cell Spray Foams

POC 500 – Open cell spray foam

We use a POC 500 is an open cell spray foam from Ekovision is a breathable spray foam insulation. It has many applications in household and commercial structures where a breathable insulation is required.

Advantages of POC 500

The many advantages over other spray foams and traditional insulation materials whether your in Kerry, Cork, Clare, Limerick or Tipperary.

  • Better air quality
  • Gets rid of drafts and condensation
  • Adds structural integrity
  • Fills irregular shapes
  • Seals cracks and voids
  • Does not settle or shrink
  • Reduces ice damages
  • Reduces noise
  • Reduces the likelihood of mold
  • Reduces dust and pollen infiltration
  • Reduces air and moisture infiltration
  • R-values remain stable over time
  • Highest performance insulation
  • Helps to create a thermal envelope controlling the air inside the building
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Reduce amount of allergens, pollutants and moisture
  • Better energy efficiency

We stock and use Open Cell Spray Foams on Timber Frame New Construction Wall, Existing & New Pitched Ceiling Level Insulation, Existing & New Pitched Ceilings Warm Roof, Existing & New Ceiling Level Insulation, Flat Roofs Pitched 15 Degrees or Less, Suspended Timber Floor, Stone Wall Timber stud, Hollow Block Wall Timber Stud, Cavity wall dry-lining Timber Stud, Mass Concrete Dry-lining Timber Stud, House extensions and renovations in all Munster towns and counties.

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4 Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Some of the Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

If your concerned about healthy air can breathe a little easier in buildings insulated with the spray products offered by Spray Foam Installers in Kerry, Cork and Limerick. Dangers associated with certain forms of insulation, such as long-term emissions.

Our products can actually help to improve indoor air quality. People with allergies, asthma and certain chemical sensitivities have often found that, in buildings with Spray foam Insulation, dangers of respiratory distress caused by natural airborne irritants are reduced significantly.

Pollutants and airborne allergens can penetrate even the smallest gaps in other forms of insulation. Airborne moisture can also infiltrate traditional insulation, sometimes leading to mold, which releases spores and potentially toxic substances called mycotoxins. Thanks to the superior air seal created by Spray foam, dangers of inhaling these toxins and irritants are greatly reduced.

For all these reasons, Spray foam is highly recommended for spaces occupied by people with allergies, asthma and other particular respiratory issues. In fact, Spray foam was used to improve indoor air quality as part of the American Lung Association’s “Health House” program.

More Safety Benefits of Spray foam Insulation.

Electrical Wiring
Independent third-party testing confirms that electrical wiring is not affected by Spray foam. Dangers of overheating were not found to be a concern during testing.

spray foam prevents mould in houses

Prevention is better than cure.

As people become educated about insulation, more and more are discovering both building performance and peace of mind. Problems that used to be common, or even seem inevitable, can now be permanently avoided.

Prevents Energy Loss

Spray foam doesn’t just insulate, it creates a superior air barrier compared to traditional insulation like fiberglass. When it’s sprayed into the wall cavity, it expands to fill the space, regardless of the size or shape. That includes cracks and crevices that other insulation’s couldn’t easily fill. It adheres to every surface it touches, creating a sealed environment. Thanks to the science of Spray foam, problems like drafts can be a thing of the past, and energy bills can be reduced by up to 50%.

Helps Prevent Mold

Airtight levels achieved, our spray foam insulation helps block airborne moisture from infiltrating the wall cavity. In cases of roof or plumbing leaks, after the leak has been fixed, Spray foam’s light-density insulation will dry, reducing the potential for mold growth. Once dried, it continues to operate at peak performance levels. This is a significant and unique benefit offered by Spray foam; problems related to moisture management are common among other types of insulation.

Helps Prevent Air Quality Issues

By helping to reduce the risk of mold, Spray foam also helps prevent the spores and toxins that get released into the air. In addition, airborne pollutants and allergens that can pass through the gaps left by other forms of insulation are much less of a threat as a result of the air-sealing capabilities of Spray foam. Problems associated with asthma and allergies can therefore often be alleviated by using Spray foam.

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Energy efficiency is only one of the many benefits offered by Spray foam insulation. Problems with allergies? Lack of privacy? You may be surprised how much Spray foam could help.

Allergies & Asthma Relief in Ireland

Because it dramatically reduces air filtration, spray foam helps prevent airborne allergens and pollutants from entering the building.

In addition, because of its moisture management benefits, Spray foam also helps protect against the formation of mold. That means that with Spray foam insulation, problems related to mold spores or other toxins released by mold are also reduced.

Noise Reduction

Spray foam seals against the transfer of air and accompanying moisture, it also helps reduce the transfer of noise. Thanks to the sound hardening qualities, problems and annoyances related to “thin walls” can be easily turned into better privacy.


Selecting the Right Insulation Type

Your contractor will advise on the best type of spray foam insulation to use for your property – open cell or closed cell. Different insulation types may be suitable in different applications.

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Mold Problems – How to avoid them


Reduce the Risk of Mold from Humid Air and Condensation

Spray foams act as air barriers. If you live in a humid climate, or have rooms with high humidity, the moisture in the air may spread through the building and condensate. This water can then lead to mold. When you protect against the movement of moist air using the air barrier formed by Spray foam, mold and condensation risks are reduced.

Allergies & Asthma Relief with Spray foam – Mold, Allergens and Pollutants Blocked

Some allergies and asthma may be triggered by mold, so using Spray foam materials can help you have a healthy home for the above reasons. Also, because it dramatically reduces air filtration, Spray foam also helps prevent airborne allergens and pollutants from entering the building.